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It does not matter if you are a performer, retailer, publicity agent or anybody else.  Customers will love our magic based products as gifts or opportunities to buy.  Each product is customised to meet your requirements, budget, and target audience so no two are the same and can range from a single trick, puzzle, or curiosity through books and DVDs to full custom magic sets.

The team behind Custom Magic Sets has over 30 years in the magic business (Discount Magic, Premium Magic, Magic2U, UK Playing Card Company, Balloon Modeller) and in that time has built up a huge sourcing and manufacturing network along with a good knowledge of what is possible and what is right for each audience.

We will supply any quantity of order but to get pricing that will work for you then consider ordering around 50 items (be that single items or full custom magic sets).

We have already supplied and worked with some major customers including :-

On this site you will find some examples of products that we have produced for customers, suggestions for you to consider and tools to allow you to explore what is possible for your chosen audience and price range, but do not allow it to stop there.  To get the best for your money and your customers please talk to us about your requirements and we will do our best to help you achieve the optimal combination of options (we have more available than the examples given in the tools).