These books are available fully branded as yours.  We supply the content and wrap it in your imagery.  The level of branding varies based on print requirements (see the descriptions below).  The minimum order is 100 of any book with no setup fees, you just pay a price per book that is tiered based on quantity.  Current pricing is from 45p per book.

A great BOR (Back of Room) sales item these can be bundled with other products or sold separately and keep you right in front of your customers.

11 Easy to Learn Tricks

A fully illustrated 12-page book with heavy-duty front and back covers.  Printed on gloss or silk paper.  The book contains 11 easy to do tricks suitable for children and above.  All tricks need items from around the home and nothing more.  You get the inner and outer front and back covers to fully customise to your requirements including all images, backdrops and text.







50 Tricks With a Regular Deck of Cards

This 16 page illustrated book contains 50 tricks that can be performed with a regular deck of cards.  Some tricks require pre-preparation.  Ideal for slightly older age groups and can be bundled with a deck of cards to increase perceived value (we can supply the decks for you and even have matching branding).  This book is printed with a full-colour heavy duty cover on silk or gloss paper.  You get the outer front and back and part inside front covers to brand.  







For up to date pricing let us know which book you are interested in, and rough volumes (from 100 upwards).  We will then work with you to find the best solution for you.